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Did you know malicious cybercrime attacks can remain undetected for between 205 – 229 days on average? This is even with updated AntiVirus (AV) software in place.
Hughestech use Malwarebytes for Endpoint Protection and Remediation. Number 1 in its field, Malwarebytes can complement existing AV software or as standalone solution.
Malwarebytes is the go-to solution for Ransomware, Zero Day Exploits and other malicious software.

The benefits of Malwarebytes in your company:

Incident Reponse

  • Incident Reponse engine: Fast, extremely effective threat
    scanning with on-demand, scheduled, and automated options
  • Multiple scan modes: Hyper, Threat, and Custom scan
    modes won’t interrupt end users
  • Linking engine: Signature-less technology identifies
    and thoroughly removes threat artifacts linked with the primary threat payload
  • Cloud Management Platform: Cloud-based management console provides easy, centralized security
    policy management, deployments, and threat reporting
  • Asset Management: Supplies convenient endpoint
    system details, including memory objects, installed software, startup programs, and more
  • Forensic Timeliner: Gathers and arranges Windows log
    events in a single chronological view

Endpoint Protection

  • Web Protection: Prevents access to malicious
    websites, ad networks, scammer
    networks, and bad neighborhoods
  • Application Hardening: Reduces vulnerability exploit
    surface and proactively detects
    fingerprinting attempts used by
    advanced attacks
  • Exploit Mitigation: Proactively detects and blocks
    attempts to abuse vulnerabilities and remotely execute code on the endpoint
  • Application Behaviour Protection: Prevents applications from being leveraged to infect endpoint
  • Anomaly Detection: Machine learning to proactively identify viruses and malware
  • Payload Analysis: Identifies entire families of known
    and relevant malware with heuristic
    and behavioral rules
  • Ransomware Mitigation: Detects and blocks ransomware via behavioral monitoring technology

What's the difference between Antivirus and Anti Malware?

For the most part, “antivirus” and “anti-malware” mean the same thing. They both refer to software designed to detect, protect against, and remove malicious software. Contrary to what the name might suggest, antivirus software protects against more than viruses–it just uses a slightly antiquated name to describe what it does. Anti-malware software is designed to protect against viruses too. Anti-malware just uses a more modern name that encompasses all kinds of malicious software, including viruses. That being said, anti-malware can stop a viral infection form happening and remove infected files.

Can i keep my existing AV software and still use Malwarebytes?

In short, yes you can. However, we have found that Malwarebytes has detected contagion even when an existing AV solution has been installed. To avoid possible false positives, conflicts and potential slowdown of your device, we recommend using Malwarebytes as a standalone solution.

Will Malwarebytes slow down my PC/Laptop?

Used as the sole solution, this is unlikley. Malwarebytes uses a single agent and from our experience both in testing and with customers, no slowdown of devices relating to Malwarebytes installation has been observed

Is it expensive?

Cost is always an understandable concern. Bought as a standalone business solution the costs can mount up. However, as an authorised reseller of Malwarebytes, Hughestech can offer a solution for as little as £6 per device, per month. This comes as a managed service by Hughestech. We take care of monitoring and will take action if infection arrises. This can be less if combined with other Hughestech services.